Octavian Nemescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Composer
Left traces: Metamusic, Imaginary music
Date: 1940-03-29
Location: RO Paşcani, Iași
Date: 2020-11-06 (aged 80)
Resting place: RO Bucuresti
Death Cause: Natural causes
Children: Cristian Nemescu
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Octavian Nemescu was a Romanian composer known for his orchestral, chamber, choral, electroacoustic, multimedia, metamusic, imaginary, and ritual works. His music has been heard throughout Europe and beyond. Nemescu studied at the National University of Music Bucharest and taught at various institutions, including the Transilvania University of Braşov and the School of Art "George Enescu" in Iaşi. He was also a professor of composition at the National University of Music in Bucharest. Nemescu's contributions to music have been recognized with several awards, including the Aaron Copland Prize and the prize of the Romanian Composers Union.
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