Irving Layton
Other names: Israel Pincu Lazarovitch
Job / Known for: Poet
Left traces: Modern Canadian Poetry
Date: 1912-03-12
Location: RO Târgu Neamt
Date: 2006-01-04 (aged 94)
Resting place: CA Montreal, Quebec
Death Cause:
Parent(s): Moses and Klara Lazarovitch
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I has written poems that will survive with the best of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Keats.
About me / Bio:
Irving Layton was a Romanian-born Canadian poet known for his "tell it like it is" style. His work provided a significant contribution to modern Canadian poetry, challenging conservatism and complacency. Layton's early life in Montreal was marked by poverty and the death of his father when he was 13. Despite these challenges, he developed a passion for literature and politics, which shaped his career as a poet and educator. Layton's poetry is celebrated for its rebellious vigor and engagement with the Jewish Canadian experience.
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