Amza Pellea
Other names:
Job / Known for: Actor
Left traces: Romanian Cinema
Date: 1931-04-07
Location: RO Băilești, Dolj
Date: 1983-12-12 (aged 52)
Resting place: RO Bellu Cemetery, Bucharest
Death Cause: Cancer
Spouse: Domnica Mihaela Policrat
Children: Oana Pellea
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Amza Pellea

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on earth two by two make four oxen.
About me / Bio:
Amza Pellea was a renowned Romanian actor, celebrated for his portrayal of Romanian national heroes in film. Born in Băilești, Oltenia, he attended Carol I High School in Craiova before embarking on a distinguished acting career. He graced the stages of various theaters in Craiova and Bucharest and was also a professor at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. His most notable roles include Decebalus in 'Dacii' and 'Columna', and Michael the Brave in 'Mihai Viteazul'. His comedic talent shone through his creation of the character 'Nea Mărin', an archetypal Oltenian peasant, which became a beloved figure in Romanian culture. Pellea's contribution to cinema and theater has left an indelible mark on Romanian arts.
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