Gheorghe G. Mironescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Politician
Left traces: Constitutional contributions
Date: 1874-01-28
Location: RO Vaslui
Date: 1949-10-08 (aged 75)
Resting place: RO Bucharest
Death Cause: Natural Causes
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For a strong and prosperous Romania
About me / Bio:
Gheorghe G. Mironescu, commonly known as G. G. Mironescu, was a Romanian politician, member of the National Peasants' Party, who served as Prime Minister of Romania for two terms. Born in Vaslui, he graduated from the University of Bucharest's law faculty and later earned a doctorate in law from the University of Paris. Initially joining the Conservative Party, he later became a leading figure in the National Peasants' Party. He was known for his role in restoring Carol II to the Romanian throne and his contributions to Romania's foreign policy and European diplomacy.
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