Leonida Lari
Other names:
Job / Known for: poet, politician
Left traces: 24 volumes of poetry and prose
Date: 1949-10-26
Location: RO Bursuceni, Moldavian SSR
Date: 2011-12-11 (aged 62)
Resting place: MD Central Cemetery, Chișinău
Death Cause: cancer
Parent(s): Ion and Nadejda Tuchilatu
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We are the children of the Romanian nation.
About me / Bio:
Leonida Lari was a Moldovan poet, journalist, and politician known for her advocacy for the reunion of Bessarabia with Romania. She was a significant cultural and political figure, publishing numerous works of poetry and prose, and translating key literary works into Romanian. Her political career was marked by her role as a member of the Parliament of Romania and her involvement in the national emancipation movement in Bessarabia.
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