France Preseren
Other names:
Job / Known for: Poet
Left traces: Slovene national anthem
Date: 1800-12-03
Location: SI Vrba, Carniola
Date: 1849-02-08 (aged 49)
Resting place: SI Presernov gaj, Kranj
Death Cause: Liver disease
Parent(s): Mina and Šimen
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France Prešeren

Love and wine I do not scorn, nor sweet company of the fair; but freedom's all I wish to share.
About me / Bio:
France Prešeren was a 19th-century Romantic Slovene poet, considered the greatest Slovene classical poet and has inspired later Slovene literature. He wrote the first Slovene ballad and the first Slovene epic. After his death, he became the leading name of the Slovene literary canon.
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