Josipina Urbancic
Other names: Josipina Turnograjska
Job / Known for: Writer, poet, composer
Left traces: Slovene literature and music
Date: 1833-07-09
Location: SI Turn Castle, Preddvor
Date: 1854-06-01 (aged 21)
Resting place: AT St. Leonard's Church, Graz
Death Cause: Childbirth complications and measles
Spouse: Lovro Toman
Parent(s): Johann Nepomuk Urbantschitsch, Josephina Terpinz
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Josipina Urbančič

Our sons are keen to show their strength and worth.Why should Slav daughters not have same desire?
About me / Bio:
Josipina Urbančič, known by her pen name Josipina Turnograjska, was a pioneering Slovene female writer, poet, and composer. Born into the Carniolan gentry, she was educated by private tutors and developed a passion for Slovene literature and music. Engaged to Lovro Toman, she moved to Graz upon marriage. Tragically, she passed away at the age of 20 due to childbirth complications and measles. Her legacy includes contributions to Slovene Romantic literature and the cultural awakening of the Slovene people.
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