Anton Janezic
Other names:
Job / Known for: Linguist
Left traces: Slovene Grammar
Date: 1828-12-19
Location: SI Lessach, Carinthia
Date: 1869-09-18 (aged 41)
Resting place: AT St. Jakob im Rosental, Carinthia
Death Cause: Illness
Spouse: Karolina Koler
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Anton Janežič

Preserving language is preserving culture.
About me / Bio:
Anton Janežič was a Carinthian Slovene linguist, philologist, author, editor, literary historian, and critic. Born into a peasant family, he became a professor of Slovene and played a significant role in the Slovene national awakening. He compiled a German-Slovene dictionary, published a grammar of Slovene, and was involved in the founding of the Hermagoras Society. His contributions to the Slovene language and literature have left a lasting legacy.
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