Ivan Tavcar
Other names:
Job / Known for: Writer, Politician
Left traces: Vysoš chronicle
Date: 1851-08-28
Location: SI Poljane, Carniola
Date: 1923-02-19 (aged 72)
Resting place: SI Visoko estate, Poljane
Death Cause: Cancer
Spouse: Franja Tavčar
Parent(s): Janez Tavčar, Neža Tavčar née Perko
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Ivan Tavcar

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Ivan Tavčar

Per aspera ad astra.
About me / Bio:
Ivan Tavčar was a Slovenian writer, lawyer, and politician. Born into a poor peasant family, he overcame his humble beginnings to become an influential figure in the Slovene national liberal movement. He was a prolific writer, with 'Visoška kronika' being one of his most notable works. Tavčar also had a significant political career, serving as the mayor of Ljubljana and a member of the Austrian Parliament. His contributions to Slovenian culture and politics left a lasting legacy.
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