Franz Caucig
Other names:
Job / Known for: Painter
Left traces: Neoclassical art
Date: 1755-12-__
Location: SI Gorizia, Princely
Date: 1828-11-17 (aged 73)
Resting place: AT Gloggnitz, Lower Austria
Death Cause: Pneumonia
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Franc Kavčič

Art is the endeavor to capture the beauty of life and the depths of human emotion.
About me / Bio:
Franz Caucig, known for his Neoclassical painting style, was born on December 4, 1755, in Gorizia, which was then the capital of the Princely County of Gorizia and Gradisca. His talent was recognized early by Count Guido von Cobenzl, who facilitated his education and career. Caucig studied in Vienna, Bologna, and Rome, and was influenced by Raphael and the School of Bologna. He became a professor at the Vienna Academy and contributed significantly to Central European Neoclassicism. He created over 30 oil paintings and more than 2000 drawings, depicting themes from Antiquity, the Bible, and Christian saints. His works, which include the famous 'Judgment of Solomon', reflect secular moralistic beliefs and are known for their sharp lines, balanced composition, and proportionate figures. Caucig passed away on November 17, 1828, in Vienna, leaving behind a legacy of art that continues to be celebrated.
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