Valentin Vodnik
Other names:
Job / Known for: Priest, Journalist, Poet
Left traces: Slovene literary works and journalism
Date: 1758-02-03
Location: SI Zgornja Šiška, Habsburg monarchy
Date: 1819-01-08 (aged 61)
Resting place: SI Navje, Ljubljana
Death Cause: Stroke
Parent(s): Jožef Vodnik and Jera Pance
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To be proud of our land, language, and heritage.
About me / Bio:
Valentin Vodnik was a Carniolan priest, journalist, and poet of Slovene descent, active during the late Enlightenment period. His contributions significantly elevated the prestige of the Slovene language and he worked towards creating a standard language to unify the Slovene people. He was also involved in geological sciences, collaborating with Sigmund Zois on the origin of the Julian Alps and curating a mineral collection. Vodnik's poetry was known for its patriotic and satirical character, and he was the editor of the first Slovenian newspaper, Lublanske novice. His support for the French annexation of the Slovene Lands and his efforts to promote the use of Slovene in various domains were notable during his lifetime.
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