Laurenz Janscha
Other names:
Job / Known for: landscape painter and engraver
Left traces: vedute of Vienna
Date: 1749-06-30
Location: SI Breznica
Date: 1812-04-01 (aged 63)
Resting place: AT Mariahilf, Vienna
Death Cause:
Spouse: Theresia Rindfleisch
Parent(s): Matija Janša and Lucia Debellak
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Lovro Janša

Through the lens of my art, Vienna's beauty is eternal
About me / Bio:
Laurenz Janscha, originally Lovro Janša, was a Slovenian-born Austrian landscape painter and engraver. Born on June 30, 1749, in Breznica, Slovenia, to a farmer family, he moved to Vienna around 1770 to study at a copper engraving school. His talent in landscape drawing was honed by Johann Christian Brand and Franz Edmund Weirotter. Janscha became known for his vedute of Vienna, contributing significantly to the Artaria publishing company with his watercolors. In 1797, he succeeded Carl Philipp Schallhas as the teacher of landscape drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts and was named a professor in 1811. His works, especially the panorama of Vienna, have left a lasting impression on Austrian art. Janscha passed away on April 1, 1812, in Vienna.
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