Virgil Mazilescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Poet
Left traces: Onirism poetry movement
Date: 1942-04-11
Location: RO Corabia, Olt
Date: 1984-08-10 (aged 42)
Resting place: RO Cernica Monastery
Death Cause:
Spouse: Ștefania
Parent(s): Sabin Mazilescu, Aura Rădulescu
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You sleep my love. I'm alone, I invented poetry and I don't have the heart anymore.
About me / Bio:
Virgil Mazilescu was a Romanian poet, essayist, and translator known for his affiliation with the Onirism poetry movement. He was born on April 11, 1942, in Corabia, Olt County, Romania, and died on August 10, 1984, in Bucharest, Romania. After finishing high school in Bucharest, he enrolled in the Department of Romanian Language and Literature at the University of Bucharest, graduating in 1964. His career included stints as a school teacher, librarian, and copy editor for România literară. Mazilescu's literary debut came in 1966, and he was awarded the "Luceafărul" Magazine Award in 1968 for his poetry volume "Versuri". His legacy includes a school named after him in his hometown and a significant contribution to Romanian literature.
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