Salim Rashid Suri
Other names:
Job / Known for: Sawt Singer
Left traces: Sawt al-Khaleej
Date: 1910
Location: OM Sur
Date: 1979 (aged 69)
Resting place: OM Sur, Al Sharqiyah South Governorate
Death Cause:
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The Singing Sailor
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Salim Rashid Suri, known as the 'Singing Sailor', was a prominent 20th-century Omani ṣawt singer and oud player. His music, which combined elements from across the Middle East and India, resonated with audiences and contributed significantly to the Ṣawt al-Khaleej genre. Despite his family's disapproval, Suri pursued his passion for music, which led him to travel extensively and develop his unique style. His recordings remain a testament to his talent and his influence on the musical heritage of the Gulf region.
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