Fahr bin Taimur
Other names:
Job / Known for: Deputy Prime Minister
Left traces: Omani Politics
Date: 1925
Location: OM Muscat
Date: 1996-12-02 (aged 71)
Resting place: OM Muscat, Royal Cemetery
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Parent(s): Taimur bin Feisal
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فهر بن تيمور

For Oman, we strive.
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Fahr bin Taimur was a prominent member of the Omani royal family and served as one of the Deputy Prime Ministers of Oman from 1976 until his death in 1996. He played a significant role in the politics of Oman during the reign of his nephew, Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Fahr was known for his contributions to the country's political stability and development.
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