Srifa Mahawan
Other names: Srifa Ladavalaya ศรีฟ้า ลดาวัลย์
Job / Known for: Writer, National Artist
Left traces: Prasad Mued (The Dark Castle)
Date: 1930-01-26
Location: TH Bangkok
Date: 2013-04-16 (aged 83)
Resting place: TH Phramongkutklao Hospital
Death Cause: Cerebrovascular disease
Spouse: Boonthat Mahawan
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I love world and all the nations.
About me / Bio:
Srifa Mahawan, also known as Mom Luang Srifa Mahawan, was a distinguished Thai writer. She was born on January 26, 1930, in Bangkok and pursued business studies at Chulalongkorn University. After leaving university, she dedicated eighteen years to teaching before committing full-time to writing. Her literary works, including her first novel 'Prasad Mued' (The Dark Castle), have been adapted into television series and films. Her short story 'Ai Nin' won the John A. Ekin Memorial Fund Award. She received eleven National Book Awards and was honored as a National Artist for Thailand in literature in 1996. Srifa passed away on April 16, 2013, at the age of 83 from cerebrovascular disease.
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    ณัฐนิชา เชิดชูบุพการี
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    Prisdang Chumsai
    พระวรวงศ์เธอ พระองค์เจ้าปฤษฎางค์
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    Died: TH
  • Nidhi Eoseewong Voice of death
    Nidhi Eoseewong
    นิธิ เอียวศรีวงศ์
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    Ratchanee Sripraiwan
    รัชนี ศรีไพรวรรณ
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    Chavalit Soemprungsuk
    ชวลิต เสริมปรุงสุข
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    Kaimook Chuto
    ไข่มุกต์ ชูโต
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    มารศี สุขุมพันธุ์ บริพัตร
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    Died: FR
  • Thanat Khoman Voice of death
    Thanat Khoman
    ถนัด คอมันตร์
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
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