George Enescu
Other names: Georges Enesco
Job / Known for: Composer
Left traces: Romanian Rhapsodies
Date: 1881-08-19
Location: RO Liveni, near Dorohoi
Date: 1955-05-04 (aged 74)
Resting place: FR Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
Death Cause: Illness
Spouse: Maria Tescanu Rosetti
Parent(s): Costache Enescu, Maria Enescu
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Music reflects all the mysterious undulations of the soul, without the possibility of pretense.
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George Enescu, born on August 19, 1881, in Liveni, Romania, was a renowned composer, violinist, conductor, and teacher. He is celebrated as one of the greatest musicians in Romanian history. A child prodigy, Enescu was admitted to the Vienna Conservatory at the age of seven. His notable works include the Romanian Rhapsodies and the opera Oedipe. Enescu's influence extended beyond his compositions as he was also a respected violin teacher and a promoter of music education in Romania. He passed away on May 4, 1955, in Paris, France, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire musicians around the world.
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