Mircea Nedelciu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Writer
Left traces: Experimental prose
Date: 1950-11-12
Location: RO Fundulea, Călărași
Date: 1999-07-12 (aged 49)
Resting place: RO Bellu Cemetery, Bucharest
Death Cause: Hodgkin's lymphoma
Parent(s): Ștefan and Maria Nedelciu
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If you can't fight, the only form of resistance is to take refuge in fabulatory.
About me / Bio:
Mircea Nedelciu was a Romanian short-story writer, novelist, essayist, and literary critic. He was a leading exponent of the Optzeciști generation in Romanian letters and known for his experimental prose. His work often mixed elements of conventional narratives with autofiction, textuality, intertextuality, and fantasy. He was a part of the literary circle Noii and stood out for his free-minded attitude and drifter lifestyle. Despite his political nonconformism, he managed to adapt to some communist requirements to get his message across. Nedelciu's final years were marked by his publicized struggle with Hodgkin's lymphoma, which also shaped the themes in his unfinished novel, Zodia Scafandrului.
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