Horatiu Radulescu
Other names:
Job / Known for: composer
Left traces: spectral music technique
Date: 1942-01-07
Location: RO Bucharest
Date: 2008-09-25 (aged 66)
Resting place: FR Clarens, Vaud
Death Cause: cancer
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Horațiu Rădulescu

The infinite is born from the finite.
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Horatiu Radulescu was a Romanian-French composer, known for his spectral technique of composition. He studied violin and composition in Bucharest before moving to the West in 1969. Settling in Paris, he became a French citizen in 1974. Radulescu's work is characterized by the use of spectral techniques, which involve the distribution of spectral energy and synthesis of global sound sources. His music has been performed at leading contemporary music festivals and he founded the ensemble European Lucero to perform his works.
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