Constantin Silvestri
Other names: Constantin-Nicolae Silvestri
Job / Known for: Conductor, Composer
Left traces: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Date: 1913-05-31
Location: RO Bucharest
Date: 1969-02-23 (aged 56)
Resting place: GB London
Death Cause: Cancer
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Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.
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Constantin Silvestri was a renowned Romanian conductor and composer. Born in Bucharest, he was a child prodigy, playing the piano and organ before the age of six. He made his public debut at the age of ten and was known for his sensational improvisations. Silvestri studied at the Târgu Mureş Conservatoire and later at the Bucharest Conservatoire. Despite not having formal conducting classes, he made his conducting debut with the Bucharest Radio Symphony Orchestra at a young age. His career in Romania culminated with the Romanian premiere of Oedipe in 1958. After leaving Romania, Silvestri settled in Great Britain in 1961 and became the Principal Conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, elevating its standard to international standing. He became a British citizen in 1967 but his promising career was cut short by his untimely death from cancer at the age of 55.
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