Tristan Tzara
Other names: Samuel Rosenstock
Job / Known for: Poet, Essayist
Left traces: Dada Movement
Date: 1896-04-16
Location: RO Moinești, Bacău
Date: 1963-12-25 (aged 67)
Resting place: FR Cimetière du Montparnasse, Paris
Death Cause:
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Dada is anti-dada!
About me / Bio:
Tristan Tzara, born Samuel Rosenstock, was a Romanian avant-garde poet, essayist, and performance artist, known best for being one of the founders and central figures of the anti-establishment Dada movement. His work represented Dada's nihilistic side, in contrast with the more moderate approach favored by Hugo Ball. After moving to Paris in 1919, Tzara joined the staff of Littérature magazine, marking the first step in the movement's evolution toward Surrealism. He was involved in the major polemics which led to Dada's split, defending his principles against André Breton and Francis Picabia. A forerunner of automatist techniques, Tzara eventually aligned himself with Breton's Surrealism, and under its influence wrote his celebrated utopian poem "The Approximate Man". During the final part of his career, Tzara combined his humanist and anti-fascist perspective with a communist vision, joining the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War and the French Resistance during World War II, and serving a term in the National Assembly. Having spoken in favor of liberalization in the People's Republic of Hungary just before the Revolution of 1956, he distanced himself from the French Communist Party, of which he was by then a member. In 1960, he was among the intellectuals who protested against French actions in the Algerian War.
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