Dimitrie Alexandru Sturdza
Other names:
Job / Known for: Prime Minister
Left traces: Romanian political reforms
Date: 1833-03-10
Location: RO Miclăuşeni, Moldavia
Date: 1914-10-21 (aged 81)
Resting place: RO Bucharest
Death Cause: Natural causes
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For a strong and prosperous Romania, we must be the architects of our own destiny.
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Dimitrie Sturdza was a Romanian statesman and author of the late 19th century, and president of the Romanian Academy between 1882 and 1884. He served as Prime Minister of Romania four times and played a prominent role in national affairs from preunification days until just after the peasant uprising of 1907. He was also a member of the Liberal government and held several ministerial posts. Sturdza was known for his work ethic, nationalist views, and his role in political reforms.
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