Kanha Khiangsiri
Other names: K. Surangkhanang ก.สุรางคนางค์
Job / Known for: Writer
Left traces: The Prostitute, Ban Sai Thong
Date: 1912-02-26
Location: TH
Date: 1999-06-23 (aged 87)
Resting place: TH
Death Cause:
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About me / Bio:
Kanha Khiangsiri, born Chuen Watthanaphat, was a renowned Thai novelist. Writing under the pen name K. Surangkhanang, she authored 45 novels, including the highly popular 'Ban Sai Thong' and the influential 'The Prostitute' (Ying Khon Chua), which reflected issues in Thailand's developing modern society. Her literary contributions earned her the title of National Artist in literature in 1986.
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    Sornphet Sornsuphan
    ศรเพชร ศรสุพรรณ
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    Netrnoi Sor Vorasingh
    เนตรน้อย ส.วรสิงห์
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    Narisara Nuwattiwong
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  • Sakorn Yang-keawsot Voice of death
    Sakorn Yang-keawsot
    สาคร ยังเขียวสด
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    Died: TH
  • Surin Pitsuwan Voice of death
    Surin Pitsuwan
    สุรินทร์ พิศสุวรรณ
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Ajin Panjapan Voice of death
    Ajin Panjapan
    อาจินต์ ปัญจพรรค์
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    Died: TH
  • Viriyang Sirintharo Voice of death
    Viriyang Sirintharo
    วิริยังค์ สิรินฺธโร
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    Died: TH
  • Lor Tok Voice of death
    Lor Tok
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Pumpuang Duangjan Voice of death
    Pumpuang Duangjan
    พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
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