So Sethaputra
Other names:
Job / Known for: Writer, Lexicographer, Political Prisoner
Left traces: New Model English–Thai Dictionary
Date: 1904-02-10
Location: TH Thonburi
Date: 1970-09-08 (aged 66)
Resting place: TH
Death Cause: Natural causes
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About me / Bio:
So Sethaputra was a Thai writer, journalist, and politician, born on February 10, 1904, in Thonburi. He is best known for compiling the New Model English–Thai Dictionary, a significant contribution to Thai lexicography. So was a King's Scholar who studied in England and worked in the government of King Prajadhipok. He became a political prisoner during the Boworadet Rebellion in 1933 and was detained until 1944. During his imprisonment, he compiled his dictionary, which was published serially from 1937 to 1940. After his release, he briefly entered politics and then returned to writing and publishing. His dictionary remains widely used and is noted for its political undertones. So Sethaputra passed away on September 8, 1970.
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  • Kamtorn Sanidwong Voice of death
    Kamtorn Sanidwong
    กำธร สนิทวงศ์ ณ อยุธยา
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Yodrak Salakjai Voice of death
    Yodrak Salakjai
    ยอดรัก สลักใจ
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  • Kanokphong Songsomphan Voice of death
    Kanokphong Songsomphan
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  • Thawan Duchanee Voice of death
    Thawan Duchanee
    ถวัลย์ ดัชนี
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  • Rawi Bhavilai Voice of death
    Rawi Bhavilai
    ระวี ภาวิไล
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    Died: TH
  • Marsi Paribatra Voice of death
    Marsi Paribatra
    มารศี สุขุมพันธุ์ บริพัตร
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: FR
  • Preeda Chullamondhol Voice of death
    Preeda Chullamondhol
    ปรีดา จุลละมณฑล
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Chalood Nimsamer Voice of death
    Chalood Nimsamer
    ชลูด นิ่มเสมอ
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Lek Nana Voice of death
    Lek Nana
    เล็ก นานา
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Chatichai Choonhavan Voice of death
    Chatichai Choonhavan
    ชาติชาย ชุณหะวัณ
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: GB
  • Kaimook Chuto Voice of death
    Kaimook Chuto
    ไข่มุกต์ ชูโต
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Boonsong Lekagul Voice of death
    Boonsong Lekagul
    บุญส่ง เลขกุล
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
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