Dokmai Sot
Other names: Buppha Nimmanhemin บุปผา นิมมานเหมินท์
Job / Known for: Novelist
Left traces: Phu Di (A person of good quality)
Date: 1905
Location: TH Bangkok
Date: 1963 (aged 58)
Resting place: TH
Death Cause:
Spouse: Sukich Nimmanhemin
Parent(s): Chao Phraya Thewet
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Dokmai Sot

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ดอกไม้ สด

Reading will change your life.
About me / Bio:
Dokmai Sot, born Mom Luang Buppha Nimmanhemin, was a significant Thai novelist before World War II. Educated at home and in a Catholic convent, she wrote under the pen name Dokmai Sot. Her work, including the novel 'Phu Di' (A person of good quality), often explored moral issues within the Thai elite, reflecting Buddhist values. She believed in judging a person by their morality rather than social status. In 1954, she married Thai politician Sukich Nimmanhemin.
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