Sangthong Seesai
Other names: Pieak Sihera เปี๊ยก ศรีเหรา
Job / Known for: Luk thung singer
Left traces: Luk thung music legacy
Date: 1948-03-19
Location: TH U Thong District, Suphan Buri Province
Date: 1984-01-22 (aged 36)
Resting place: TH
Death Cause: Road accident
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Singing was the best experience of my life.
About me / Bio:
Sangthong Seesai, born Pieak Sihera, was a renowned Thai Luk thung singer from U Thong District, Suphan Buri Province. He gained popularity with songs like "Num For Loe Fiew", "Tone", "Ning Nong", and "Oak Oun". Known for his unique voice and stage presence, he left a lasting impact on the Luk thung genre. Despite facing challenges, including a prison sentence, he continued to inspire many with his music. His life was tragically cut short by a road accident in 1984, but his musical legacy continues to influence the genre.
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