Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Buddhist Monk, Philosopher
Left traces: Suan Mokkh Monastery
Date: 1906-05-27
Location: TH Chaiya, Surat Thani
Date: 1993-05-25 (aged 87)
Resting place: TH Suan Mokkh Monastery, Surat Thani
Death Cause: Natural causes
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I like thinking. its makes me calm.
About me / Bio:
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, born Ngueam Phanit, was a renowned Thai Buddhist monk and an influential ascetic-philosopher. He was known for his innovative reinterpretations of Buddhist doctrine and Thai folk beliefs. Buddhadasa fostered a reformation in conventional religious perceptions in Thailand and abroad, promoting a return to the core teachings of Buddhism: doing good, avoiding bad, and purifying the mind. He founded the Suan Mokkh Monastery in 1932 as a place for simple and pristine practice, which later became a center for international students seeking to study Buddhism and meditation. His teachings emphasized the non-dogmatic and flexible nature of Buddhism, often drawing parallels with other religious and philosophical systems. Buddhadasa passed away just two days shy of his 87th birthday, leaving behind a legacy of spiritual teachings and a monastery that continues to teach and inspire.
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Died profile like Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

  • Thanat Khoman Voice of death
    Thanat Khoman
    ถนัด คอมันตร์
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Chirayu Navawongs Voice of death
    Chirayu Navawongs
    จิรายุ นพวงศ์
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Prisdang Chumsai Voice of death
    Prisdang Chumsai
    พระวรวงศ์เธอ พระองค์เจ้าปฤษฎางค์
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Prasert na Nagara Voice of death
    Prasert na Nagara
    ประเสริฐ ณ นคร
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Nitya Pibulsonggram Voice of death
    Nitya Pibulsonggram
    นิตย์ พิบูลสงคราม
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Chote Praepan Voice of death
    Chote Praepan
    โชติ แพร่พันธุ์
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Kaimook Chuto Voice of death
    Kaimook Chuto
    ไข่มุกต์ ชูโต
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Khun Wichitmatra Voice of death
    Khun Wichitmatra
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Prajadhipok Voice of death
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: GB
  • Rattana Pestonji Voice of death
    Rattana Pestonji
    รัตน์ เปสตันยี
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Surin Pitsuwan Voice of death
    Surin Pitsuwan
    สุรินทร์ พิศสุวรรณ
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
  • Paitoon Pumrat Voice of death
    Paitoon Pumrat
    ไพฑูรย์ พุ่มรัตน์
    Age: y/o ()
    Died: TH
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