Paitoon Pumrat
Other names: Robert Sai-kwan โรเบิร์ต สายควัน
Job / Known for: Comedian and actor
Left traces: Thai comedy and cinema
Date: 1965-11-07
Location: TH Bang Khen District, Bangkok
Date: 2020-09-19 (aged 55)
Resting place: TH Bangkok
Death Cause: Lung cancer and tuberculosis
Spouse: Jaew Phumrat
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From darkness to laughter
About me / Bio:
Paitoon Pumrat, known by his stage name Robert Sai-kwan and nicknamed Mang, was a beloved Thai comedian and actor. Born on November 7, 1965, in a slum in Bang Khen District, Bangkok, Paitoon faced a challenging childhood. Despite not being formally educated and struggling with drug use early in life, he rose to prominence in the Thai entertainment industry. He began his career as a ticket boy and eventually became a regular actor in popular Thai sitcoms, including Laugh Co.Ultd. His personal life saw him overcoming drug addiction and returning to comedy, which earned him widespread admiration. Paitoon's legacy in Thai comedy and cinema remains influential, and his life story is a testament to resilience and redemption.
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