Alejandro Deustua
Other names:
Job / Known for: Philosopher
Left traces: Educational Reforms
Date: 1849-03-22
Location: PE Huancayo
Date: 1945-08-06 (aged 96)
Resting place: PE Lima, Cemetery
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Parent(s): Remigio Deustua, Toribia Escarza
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Liberty is realized in order.
About me / Bio:
Alejandro Deustua was a prominent Peruvian philosopher, educator, and statesman. He served as the Prime Minister of Peru and contributed significantly to the development of Peruvian education. His philosophical works reflect the influence of Krause and Bergson, focusing on the interplay of liberty and order, particularly in aesthetics. Deustua's legacy includes his role in educational reforms and his extensive writings on philosophy and aesthetics.
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