Ales Debeljak
Other names:
Job / Known for: Cultural critic
Left traces: Essays and poetry
Date: 1961-12-25
Location: SI Ljubljana
Date: 2016-01-28 (aged 55)
Resting place: SI Peračica viaduct
Death Cause: Traffic collision
Spouse: Erica Johnson Debeljak
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Aleš Debeljak

No border can limit the flight of the human spirit.
About me / Bio:
Aleš Debeljak was a Slovenian cultural critic, poet, and essayist. Born in Ljubljana, then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, he was the first in his family to attend university. In his youth, he was a junior Slovenian champion in judo and received a silver medal at the Yugoslav championship. He graduated from comparative literature at the University of Ljubljana in 1985 and obtained a PhD in sociology of culture at Syracuse University in 1989. He was a Senior Fulbright fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, and worked at various institutes across Europe and the United States. Debeljak took an active part in civil society movements and was a co-editor of the critical alternative journal Nova revija. He started the journal Sarajevo notebooks to re-establish communication between intellectuals and activists throughout former Yugoslavia. He was married to Erica Johnson Debeljak and had three children.
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