Antiochus Kantemir
Other names:
Job / Known for: poet, diplomat
Left traces: satires, fables
Date: 1708-09-08
Location: RO Iași
Date: 1744-03-31 (aged 36)
Resting place: FR Paris
Death Cause:
Parent(s): Dmitry Kantemir
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The light of truth was given to us to illuminate the path of reason.
About me / Bio:
Antiochus Kantemir was a prominent figure of the Russian Enlightenment, known for his contributions as a poet and diplomat. Born in Iași, Moldavia, he was the son of Dmitry Kantemir, a notable Moldavian prince. Antiochus spent his early years in Constantinople as a hostage, which influenced his later works. His education in St. Petersburg equipped him with the tools to become a leading intellectual figure. As a diplomat, he served in London and Paris, where he befriended Voltaire and Montesquieu. His literary works, particularly his satires, played a significant role in shaping Russian literature. He passed away in Paris, leaving behind a legacy of enlightenment ideals and literary excellence.
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