Lor Tok
Other names: Sawong Supsamruay สวง ทรัพย์สำรวย
Job / Known for: Comedian, Actor
Left traces: Cultural Impact in Thai Cinema
Date: 1914-04-01
Location: TH Bangkok Yai, Bangkok
Date: 2002-04-29 (aged 88)
Resting place: TH Chachoengsao
Death Cause: Emphysema
Spouse: Somjit
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Lor Tok

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Making the world laugh with the art of comedy.
About me / Bio:
Lor Tok, born Sawong Supsamruay on April 1, 1914, in Bangkok Yai, was a legendary Thai comedian and actor. With a career spanning from the 1930s to the 1980s, he appeared in over 1,000 films, earning him the title of Thailand National Artist for performing arts in 1995. His notable works include the 1983 film Ngern, Ngern, Ngern, which brought him the best actor award at the Thailand National Film Association Awards. He was also known for his roles in James Band and Dracula Tok. Lor Tok's humor and talent made him a beloved figure in Thai cinema. He passed away on April 29, 2002, in Chachoengsao, Thailand, due to emphysema.
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