Vintila Ion Constantin Bratianu
Other names:
Job / Known for: Politician
Left traces: National Liberal Party
Date: 1867-09-16
Location: RO Ștefănești, Argeș
Date: 1930-12-22 (aged 63)
Resting place: RO Florica estate crypt, Argeș
Death Cause: Stroke of apoplexy
Spouse: Lia Stolojan
Children: Vintilă V. Brătianu
Parent(s): Ion C. Brătianu, Pia Brătianu
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Vintilă Brătianu was a Romanian politician, engineer, and economist known for his role as Prime Minister of Romania and as a leader of the National Liberal Party. He was instrumental in Romania's political and economic development during the early 20th century. His contributions to the country's governance and his advocacy for liberal economic principles have left a lasting impact on Romania's history.
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