Thianwan Wannapho
Other names:
Job / Known for: Merchant, Attorney, Advocate of Modernization
Left traces: Advocacy for Modernization and Westernization
Date: 1842
Location: TH Thonburi
Date: 1915 (aged 73)
Resting place: TH Woeng Nakhon Khasem, Bangkok
Death Cause: Natural causes
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I like to help young people.
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Thianwan Wannapho, born in 1842 in Thonburi, was a Thai merchant, attorney, and a vigorous advocate for modernization and Westernization. He began his career as a merchant, traveling as far as Singapore for trade, before becoming a lawyer and advocating for the poor against the abuses of the Thai upper class. His outspokenness led to his imprisonment in 1882, but he was released in 1898. After his release, he wrote under the pseudonym Tor Wor Sor Wannapho and called for significant reforms, including the establishment of an elected parliament and the abolition of slavery and polygamy. He passed away in 1915 in his house in Woeng Nakhon Khasem, Bangkok.
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