Other names: Zhao Dun 趙惇
Job / Known for: Emperor of the Song dynasty
Left traces: Renamed Chongqing city
Date: 1147-09-30
Location: CN Kaifeng, Henan
Date: 1200-09-17 (aged 53)
Resting place: CN Yongchong Mausoleum, Shaoxing, Zhejiang
Death Cause: Illness
Spouse: Empress Ciyi
Children: Emperor Ningzong and three princesses
Parent(s): Emperor Xiaozong and Empress Chengmu
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To inherit the auspiciousness
About me / Bio:
Guangzong was the 12th emperor of the Song dynasty of China and the third emperor of the Southern Song dynasty. He was the third son of his predecessor, Emperor Xiaozong. His mother was Emperor Xiaozong's first wife, Lady Guo, who was posthumously honoured as "Empress Chengmu". His reign was relatively peaceful, but his lack of filial piety eventually made officials replace him with his son Emperor Ningzong. Guangzong suffered from bipolar disorder or severe neurosis since his childhood, but he was reportedly filial to his father. He was crowned as the heir apparent in 1168 and succeeded his father in 1189. He named his reign "Shaoxi", meaning "to inherit the auspiciousness". He also renamed the city of Chongqing, meaning "double celebration", to commemorate his coronation and his father's abdication. Guangzong was influenced by his wife Empress Li Fengniang, who became notorious in Chinese history for being ruthless and shrewd, and for ruling the state through her husband, who became known as a "henpecked weakling" dominated by his wife. Guangzong neglected his duties and indulged in drinking and pleasure. He also listened to some treacherous officials and dismissed the popular military leader Xin Qiji. He alienated his father and even refused to perform state funeral rites when the retired emperor died, which shocked the court. In 1194, Guangzong fell ill and became mentally unstable. He was unable to handle state affairs and was controlled by Empress Li and her brother Li Sheng. The court officials were dissatisfied with the situation and plotted to depose Guangzong. In 1195, they forced Guangzong to abdicate in favor of his eldest son Zhao Kuo, who became Emperor Ningzong. Guangzong was given the title of "Retired Emperor" and lived in seclusion until his death in 1200. He was buried in Yongchong Mausoleum in present-day Shaoxing, Zhejiang.
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