Mariano Felipe Paz Soldan
Other names:
Job / Known for: Historian
Left traces: Historia del Perú independiente
Date: 1821-08-22
Location: PE Arequipa
Date: 1886-12-31 (aged 65)
Resting place: PE Presbítero Maestro Cemetery, Lima
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Children: Carlos Paz Soldán y Benavides
Parent(s): Manuel Paz Soldán and Gregoria de Ureta Araníbar
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Mariano Felipe Paz Soldán

Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.
About me / Bio:
Mariano Felipe Paz Soldán was a Peruvian historian and geographer, considered the founder of modern Peruvian historiography. He was known for his monumental work "Historia del Perú independiente," which for a long time was the only documented study of the early decades of the Peruvian Republic. He also authored the first geographical atlas of Peru and a historical narrative of the war between Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. As a statesman, he served as Minister of Foreign Relations and Minister of Justice and Instruction.
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