Grigore Moisil
Other names:
Job / Known for: Mathematician, Computer Scientist
Left traces: Łukasiewicz–Moisil algebra
Date: 1906-01-10
Location: RO Tulcea
Date: 1973-05-21 (aged 67)
Resting place: CA Ottawa, Ontario
Death Cause: Natural Causes
Parent(s): Constantin Moisil, Elena Moisil
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Mathematics is the music of reason.
About me / Bio:
Grigore Moisil was a Romanian mathematician and computer scientist, known for his work in mathematical logic, algebraic logic, MV-algebra, and differential equations. He is considered the father of computer science in Romania and was a titular member of the Romanian Academy. His contributions to the field were recognized posthumously with the IEEE Computer Pioneer Award in 1996.
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