Vlad II Dracul
Other names: Vlad al II-lea Dracul
Job / Known for: Voivode of Wallachia
Left traces: Order of the Dragon
Date: -1395
Location: RO Wallachia
Date: 1447 (aged 2842)
Resting place: RO Dealu Monastery
Death Cause: Killed in battle
Spouse: Doamna Eupraxia of Moldavia, Doamna Călțuna
Children: Mircea II of Wallachia, Vlad III the Impaler, Radu III the Fair, Vlad IV the Monk, Alexandra of Wallachia
Parent(s): Mircea I of Wallachia
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I have allowed my children to be slaughtered in the name of Christian peace
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Vlad II, known as Vlad Dracul or Vlad the Dragon, was Voivode of Wallachia and a member of the Order of the Dragon. His reign was marked by fluctuating alliances and shifting political landscapes. He is most famous for being the father of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula.
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