Ahmad ibn Majid
Other names:
Job / Known for: navigator
Left traces: navigation charts and writings
Date: 1432
Location: OM Julfar
Date: 1500 (aged 68)
Resting place: OM
Death Cause:
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أحمد بن ماجد

The sea is vast and I am its lion.
About me / Bio:
Ahmad ibn Majid, known as the Lion of the Sea, was an Arab navigator and cartographer from Julfar, Oman. He was born around 1421 and is renowned for his contributions to the arts of navigation and cartography. His works greatly influenced navigational techniques along the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Arabian Gulf. He is also credited with assisting Vasco da Gama in finding the route from Africa to India. Ibn Majid's legacy includes over thirty scientific manuscripts, charts, and navigational guides that laid the foundation for maritime science in the Arab region and the Indian Ocean.
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