Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al-Azdi
Other names: Ibn Al-Dhahabi ابن الذهبي
Job / Known for: Physician and Physicist
Left traces: Kitab al-Ma'a (Book of Water)
Date: -970
Location: OM Sohar
Date: -1043 (aged 73)
Resting place: ES Valencia, Andalusia
Death Cause:
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Knowledge is the life of the mind.
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Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Azdi, known as Ibn Al-Dhahabi, was a prominent Omani physician and physicist. He authored the 'Kitab al-Ma'a' (Book of Water), considered the first medical encyclopedia in the Arabic language. His work significantly contributed to the fields of medicine and philosophy, influencing future generations. Ibn Al-Dhahabi's legacy is recognized by UNESCO and he remains a celebrated figure in the history of medicine.
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