Al-Julanda bin Masud
Other names:
Job / Known for: First Ibadi Imam of Oman
Left traces: Ibadi Islam
Date: 700
Location: OM
Date: 751 (aged 51)
Resting place: OM Julfar, Nizwa
Death Cause: Killed in battle
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I'm the defender of Faith and Nation.
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Al-Julanda bin Masud was an Ibadi religious leader who was elected the first Ibadi imam of Oman, ruling from 749 until his death defending against an Abbasid invasion in 751 CE. He belonged to the al-Julanda family of Azd, who had ruled Oman from the 6th century CE. His leadership was marked by internal strife within his family and opposition from rival clans, but he is remembered for his role in establishing the Ibadi imamate and defending his people against external threats.
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