Saif bin Sultan II
Other names:
Job / Known for: Imam
Left traces: Yaruba dynasty
Date: 1706
Location: OM Rustaq
Date: 1743 (aged 37)
Resting place: OM Rustaq Fort
Death Cause: Civil war and invasion
Parent(s): Sultan bin Saif II
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In the sands of time, our legacy is carved by the fortitude of our reign.
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Saif bin Sultan II was the sixth Imam of the Yaruba dynasty in Oman. He is remembered for his tumultuous reign, which saw him ascend to the position of Imam four times amidst a period of civil war and foreign invasion. His leadership was marked by significant challenges, including internal strife and external threats, particularly from Persian forces. Despite these difficulties, Saif bin Sultan II's legacy endures in the history of Oman, reflecting a time of both turmoil and resilience.
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